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The high-speed access satellite system now has 10 thousand subscriber terminals

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The RSCC continues to expand communication services in the Ka-band. On September 21, 2018, subscriber #10000 connected to the High-Speed Access Satellite System (HSASS). The number of system users exceeds 25 thousand. The High-Speed Access Satellite System provides broadband access in the Ka-band in the Central and South-Ural regions of Russia, Siberia, and the Far East. The services are provided via the two Russian spacecraft, Express-AM6 (53 ° E) and Express-AM5 (140 ° E). The service zone in the Ka-band stretches over a record 7 thousand km.

High-Speed Access Satellite System in more detail:

The high-speed access satellite system is primarily designed to provide communication services in the B2C segment, which supports access to the Internet for private users in those areas of our country where traditional network infrastructure is either not available or poorly developed.

The technical capabilities of the HSASS make it possible to provide services for 200 thousand subscribers at an average Internet access speed of 6-10 Mbps.

The HSASS was built in two phases. In the spring of 2015, Russian operators for the first time began to provide satellite broadband services in the Ka-band via domestic spacecraft in the Far East and Siberia. Since April 2016, the service area of ​​the high-speed access satellite network has expanded to cover the Central and South-Ural regions of our country.

The connection to the system is ensured by such RSCC partners as Ka-Internet JSC, Strizh LLC Rainbow-Internet LLC, RTKomm.RU JSC, etc. Details can be found on the website devoted to the advancement of broadband access in Russia.