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Heading for Brazil: in Rio de Janeiro, Russian Satellite Communications Company and Romantis Brazil confirmed plans to continue working in the country

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Russian Satellite Communications Company and Romantis Brazil supported the SSPI 2022 workshop held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 19 May 2022.

SSPI – Space & Satellite Professionals International – a non-profit organization that brings together satellite industry professionals around the world, has been present in Brazil since 2006. The workshop was attended by representatives of the country’s national regulatory authorities and the world leading satellite operators.

At the workshop, André Baltazar, Director of Romantis Brazil, noted that the experience of using the Express-AM8 satellite to distribute Brazilian TV channels in the C-band to the distribution and receiving network had proven its advantages. The audience of five Brazilian channels, which are now distributed by AM8 in geostationary orbit at 14° W, is more than 40 million people. “Romantis Brazil intends to continue the development of Express-AM8 services according to existing licenses and our monitoring center in Uberlandia,” said André Baltazar.

“Brazil is one of the most important partner countries for RSCC. We are focused on continuous work to provide a high level of service and expand opportunities that will help Brazilian companies create optimal satellite networks and ensure business growth,” said Alexey Volin, Director General of RSCC.