Got online: 415 ships now use RSСС VSAT-solutions

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Already 415 vessels have joined the RSCC VSAT "marine network" and were able to use good-quality high-speed satellite communications. Mikhail Glinka, Director, RSCC Department of Sales of Operator and Corporate Solutions, told about it at the international forum and exhibition " Weather • Climate • Water / Earth Observations / Green Economy " in Saint Petersburg.

As part of the event, business meetings were held between the RSCC delegates and current partners as well as potential customers of the company, including one of the largest customers of services in meteorology – Roshydromet. Today RSCC sets up satellite communication channels for 60 hard-to-reach stations of Roshydromet, Russian Arctic National Park, Russian Arctic Development Center, and for the administration of the Northern Sea Route. Communication has been organized along the Northern Sea Route for 27 ice-class vessels.

The telecommunication services of RSCC play an important role in environmental monitoring of the Earth and are the only source of communication at hard-to-reach weather stations, where there is no access to public communication networks or regular transport links. Using broadband services satellite communications make it possible to improve the quality and efficiency of weather forecasts, introduce new types of observations and services, connect remote stations to the common information space of Roshydromet, and provide people working at those stations with access to telemedicine, educational, governmental and other services, messengers, and social networks.

The heads of regional administrations for hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring, as well as specialists of companies from Russia and neighbouring countries, who rely on meteorological data in their work showed their interest in satellite solutions of RSCC presented at the exhibition.