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Following their successful participation at CabSat 2017 exhibition, RSCC and Romantis are to boost the volume of services in the Middle East, and in Central and South Asia

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The Russian satellite operator RSCC and the Romantis group of companies have reached an agreement on the use of the steerable beams of the Express-AM7 and Express-AM22 spacecraft in the region of the Middle East and Central and South Asia. The capacity of the two Russian satellites will be used for video, occasional use services, VSAT networks and communications on the move.

The coverage zone of the Ku-band steerable beam of Express-AM7 spans the entire territory from the Middle East to South Asia, and the satellite payload has excellent power characteristics. Location at 40 degrees East makes the proposed combined solution based on the Express-AM7 spacecraft highly applicable for the development of video and data services, including mobile. According to Lutz Rossburg, Managing Director of Romantis GmbH, "Our customers from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran have already evaluated all the benefits of the satellite and intensively expanding their networks."


In addition to the Express-AM7 spacecraft, Romantis offers the use of the Express-AM22 spacecraft, a satellite on an inclined orbit currently located at 80 degrees East, to customers who need communications services on mobile objects. " Our first positive sales results reconfirm our decision to reposition this beam to the Middle East and Western Asia," says Lutz Rossburg. "Thus we offer complete service package comprising capacity and high-speed teleport capabilities in Europe. This minimizes CAPEX and OPEX of our customers and allows them penetrating into new market niches."


"RSCC and Romantis successfully cooperate in the joint implementation of projects in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. We hope that this agreement will allow us to expand cooperation in the Asian market, which is strategically important for both companies," notes Kseniya Drozdova, RSCC Deputy General Director for Business Development.


About Romantis Group

With its offices worldwide, the Romantis Group of companies is a global partner providing its customers with premium satellite communication services regardless of location and application type. Romantis is a vertically integrated group of companies with its head office in Germany and operations worldwide. It is a major value-added reseller of satellite capacity and a manufacturer of satellite networking products. Romantis' vision is to provide clients with high-quality customized communications packages based on the diversified range of satellite resources and innovative hardware products. Featuring the most advanced satellite technology for audio, video and data transmission services, Romantis brings together solid experience, impressive facilities and all the creativity needed for today’s rapidly changing technology and marketplace.

The Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) is Russia's satellite communications operator, whose spacecraft ensure global coverage. Established in 1967, the company  owns Russia's largest satellite constellation. The RSCC satellites are positioned along the geostationary orbital arc from 14 ° W up to 145 ° E, covering the entire territory of Russia, CIS, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asian-Pacific region, North and South America, and Australia.

RSCC is responsible for addressing important state tasks of providing mobile communications services for the Office of the President and the RF Government, and federal TV and radio channels broadcasting within the territory of Russia and of most countries of the world. The company is actively involved in the implementation of top-priority national projects, working closely with the Russian state authorities in the field of information and telecommunication systems and broadcasting. RSCC provides a full range of communications and broadcasting services using its own terrestrial technical facilities and satellite constellation, which includes up-to-day Express-series spacecraft Express-AM, Express-AT, Express-AMU, and Express-A. The company's satellites provide ample opportunities for the broadcasting organizations, broadband Internet access, data transmission, videoconferencing, VSAT networks, departmental and corporative communications networks in any region of the globe. RSCC has deployed a modern  terrestrial spacecraft control complex, on the basis of which the control and monitoring of not only their own satellites but also those of Eutelsat and other operators.

The company includes five space communications centers (SCC): Dubna, Medvezhyi Ozera, Skolkovo, Zheleznogorsk, Khabarovsk, and Shabolovka Technical Centre in Moscow, as well as its own high-speed fiber-optic digital network.