Focus on the East: RSCC in Vladivostok on 29 June 2015, attending a session of Public Expert Council on Information Society in Maritime Territory

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RSCC presented to the extended meeting at the Territory Administration the infrastructure projects in Russia using the new RSCC satellites and ground-based facilities. Specific attention was given to the satellite-supported broadband projects in the Ka-band in the Far Eastern regions.

The event was held at the Maritime Territory Administration. RSCC’s Evgeny Buidinov, Deputy-CEO for innovations and development, and Mikhail Glinka, Chief of Division for implementation of innovative projects, spoke to thе Expert Council under the Maritime Territory Governor. The Council includes top executive of the local ICT companies, education institutions, and the media.

Evgeny Buidinov told the audience about the capabilities of the new RSCC satellites and ground-based facilities, and the key infrastructure projects being implemented by RSCC across Russia. Mikhail Glinka presented the RSCC projects for satellite communications and broadcasting services in the Far East, focusing on high-speed broadband satellite access in the Ка-band and the RSCC solutions for transmitting regional TV content.

The Expert Council decided to set up a joint working group to coordinate activities under the telecommunications projects in the Maritime Territory.