The final phase has started at Dubna SCC of building a new antenna system to support Internet access in the Ka-band

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As part of the A9-4 satellite earth station (SES) project at Dubna SCC, July 25, 2017 saw the completion of an important phase of installation operations: using specially ordered unique lifting equipment, the main antenna reflector was installed on the previously mounted pedestal.

Construction of the A9-4 satellite earth station (SES) at Dubna SCC is carried out as a joint project under the agreement between RSCC and Eutelsat Networks to ensure development and enhancement of the RSCC technical facilities supporting the satellite network high-speed access.


Preliminary work on assembling the main reflector and mounting the antenna pedestal took about two months. With the installation of the main reflector on the pedestal, the preparatory phase of upbuilding the antenna is finished, and the final phase gets under way. According to preliminary estimates, the final phase will also last about two months.


Th antenna system of this class is built in Russia for the first time. The A9-4 SES has unique technical and design characteristics. The antenna is designed to provide access to the Internet in the Ka-band to VSAT subscribers.