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Express-AT1 and Express-AT2 launch date firmed

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RSCC has officially announced the launch date for Express-AT1 and Express-AT2 satellites: the 4th of March, 2014

Once orbited, the Express-AT1 satellite (56 degrees E) will support a significant expansion of services in Siberia. Among other things, the new capacity will be used to provide a bigger Tricolor TV package in the region.

The satellites will be launched on 4 March 2014. According to RSCC plans, Express-AT1 will start operations no later than March 2014. Originally the satellites were scheduled to be launched in December 2013. 

Express-AT1 will provide up-to-date telecommunications, TV, and data services to the Urals, Eastern and Western Siberia. Tricolor TV will lease some capacity of the satellite to triple the number of channels in the “Siberian” package, bringing it in line with the offerings already available from this operator in the country’s western and central regions. In so doing, Tricolor TV will considerably increase its presence in Siberia.

“I would refer to the launch of Express-AT1 and Express-AT2 satellites as the most eagerly awaited event of 2014”, says Alexander Makarov, Tricolor TV Director-General. “At last we will be able to see our Siberian viewers enjoying the exclusive services and TV channels originally accessible to subscribers in European Russia. As early as next spring the renovated package will include, among other thing, the first Tricolor TV HD multiplex, featuring 25 HD channels. Siberia will also see the operator’s own product, SuperKino HD, which is a premium package of movie channels”.

The company is convinced that the new offerings will considerably enhance the attractiveness of the Tricolor TV-Siberia project.

At the early phase (through February 2014) Tricolor TV-Siberia will continue operations from the Bonum-1 and DirecTV-1R satellites until Express-AT1 is firmly settled at the 56 degrees E slot. With an eye on risk management, RSCC is currently developing a contingency plan for using DirecTV-1R capacity as backup to ensure that viewers in Siberia enjoy uninterrupted TV services.