Dr. Harald Stange, former Director General of Romantis GmbH, passed away

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The staff members of the Russian Satellite Communications Company feel deep sorrow at the severe loss.

The news of the death of dear Doctor Stange became a source of pain in our hearts. A man whose life-work was serving one of the world's most high-tech industries, the global space communications industry, has passed away. It is impossible to overestimate the personal contribution of Harald Stange in strengthening the partnership relations between the RSCC and international community of the satellite operators. Under his direct supervision, European company Romantis GmbH has become one of the leaders in the field of satellite communication, many significant projects have been successfully implemented in the various regions of the world. Dr. Stange’s active participation in the work of Intersputnik International Organization of Space Communications should be noted, largely due to it Intersputnik is one of the most successful international organizations today.

However, we knew Dr. Stange not only as a talented enthusiast, reliable partner, professional communication operator, diplomat and organizer. In our memory, he will forever remain as a person of the highest moral qualities and aspirations, a sincere friend of Russia and the RSCC. The staff of our company mourns together with the relatives and colleagues of Harald Stange. The memory of this wonderful person will always live in our hearts.