Deputy Head of Rossvyaz Igor Chursin, RSCC General Director Yury Prokhorov and Ingosstrakh General Director Mikhail Volkov took part in the ceremony of canceling a labeled envelope, issued to mark the 70th anniversary of Ingosstrakh

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The ceremonial event was held on July 5, 2017 at the Ingosstrakh Museum. The participants in the ceremony appended their signatures and the commemorative stamp on an envelope issued in a total circulation of one million copies and available in all postal offices of Russia.

The Ingosstrakh Museum has hosted a ceremony of cancelling a marked envelope issued to mark the 70th anniversary of the insurance company.

The ceremony was attended by Igor Chursin, Deputy Head of the Federal Communications Agency, Yury Prokhorov, General Director of RSCC, and Mikhail Volkov, General Director of Ingosstrakh.

The envelope, issued in one million copies, is available in all postal offices throughout Russia, and can be used to send written correspondence. The design of the envelope is made on the basis of the logo and the jubilee corporate style of the company, celebrating its 70th anniversary under the motto “Ingosstrakh 7.0 - Insurance in the Seventh Generation." In addition to the envelope, souvenir vignette stamps were also issued to mark the anniversary, reflecting the milestones in the history of one of the prime insurance companies in Russia.

"I am confident that this envelope will become a unique specimen and philatelic rarity among collectors worldwide and will memorialize the company's anniversary," said Igor Chursin, deputy head of Rossvyaz.

Issuance and distribution of state postage payment indicia is organized by the Federal Communications Agency via the Marka joint-stock company.

Speaking about the history of Ingosstrakh, the ceremony participants highlighted its work on insurance of the space industry risks. Yuri Prokhorov and Mikhail Volkov thanked each other for the almost 20-year fruitful cooperation of RSCC and Ingosstrakh, and expressed hope for its further advancement. "Ingosstrakh's contribution to the formation and maintenance of a positive image of the Russian space industry cannot be overestimated. Repeatedly, in difficult situations, it was the professionalism of the Ingosstrakh specialists and the reputation and correct policy of the company that allowed it to maintain the prestige of the industry and interest towards it at the appropriate level," said RSCC General Director Yuri Prokhorov.


Ingosstrakh Insurance Company (SPAO Ingosstrakh) operations in the international and domestic markets started in 1947. The company occupies a leading position among Russian insurance companies in terms of premiums for voluntary insurance other than life insurance.

Ingosstrakh has the right to carry out all types of property insurance, voluntary medical insurance and insurance against accidents and diseases, established by Article 32.9 of the Law of the Russian Federation "On the Organization of Insurance Business in the Russian Federation", as well as reinsurance activities. The company is present in 149 localities of the Russian Federation. Ingosstrakh representative offices and subsidiaries do business in both the neighboring countries of Russia and in very distant lands.