Deputy Head of the Federal Telecommunications Agency Igor Chursin and General Director of the RSCC Yuri Prokhorov have visited ISS Reshetnev JSC (Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory)

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24/01/2018/ In Zheleznogorsk, under the chairmanship of the Deputy Head of the Federal Communications Agency Igor Chursin, and with General Director of the RSCC and the management of the ISS Reshetnev in attendance, a meeting was held to review the status of building the Express-80/103 communications and broadcasting spacecraft.

As part of the working visit to the ISS of the top executives of the Rossvyaz and RSCC, it is also planned to conduct acceptance of the Express-80 payload structures. Once accepted, they will be shipped to Thales Alenia Space for mounting the payload module on the Express-80 spacecraft.