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Cosmic Plans: Vladimir Region and RSCC Creating Joint Projects

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The international Vladimir Investment Congress dedicated to the development of the region's digital sector opened in Suzdal on December 1. At the event, Aleksandr Avdeyev, Vladimir Region's governor, and Alexey Volin, General Director of Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC), a Russian satellite operator, signed an investment and cooperation agreement.

The parties agreed to support talented children and young people living in the region and to hold joint events and conferences on the areas of cooperation.


In the Vladimir Region there is a satellite communications station "Vladimir": a modern teleport and the important part of the unified technological platform of RSCC, which provides Internet access, communication and distribution of TV and radio channels throughout Russia and abroad.


"Satellite communications play a key role in the technological and infrastructural progress, and we are confident that by combining the efforts of the industry leader and the most important cultural region of Central Russia, we will achieve impressive results," said Alexey Volin.