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Conference "SATCOMRUS 2018: SMART SATELLITE- Ideas and Innovations"

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On October 3, 2018, the Digital Business Space facility in Moscow hosted the XXIII International Conference of Operators and Users of the Satellite Communication Network of the Russian Federation “SATCOMRUS 2018: Smart Satellite - Ideas and Innovations”. Organized by the Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC), the Conference was attended by more than 360 delegates from 80 organizations in Russia, France, Spain, USA, Israel, Italy, and other countries.

The main topic of the conference was innovations and trends in the development of the satellite industry in the context of the evolving digitalization of the world economy, Industry 4.0, and IoT. Particular attention was paid to promising projects to create non-geostationary satellite communication systems in highly-elliptical, low and medium earth orbits. The participants discussed the crucial importance of innovations and breakthrough ideas in the space industry today.

The conference was opened by Oleg Dukhovnitsky, Head of the Federal Agency of Communications of Russia. Then Yuri Prokhorov, General Director of the RSCC, delivered a report on “Space communications for the digital transformation of the Russian economy”.

The conference was attended by the Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation Konstantin Noskov. As part of the plenary session, a formal award ceremony took place at which he presented state decorations to the employees of the RSCC for their meritorious efforts in the interests of the Russian telecommunications industry.

Discussion at “SatComRus 2018” focused on the prospects of the Express-RV project. According to the participants, the users’ prime need is fast and reliable Internet access in all regions of the country and in the Arctic zone, as well as access to broadband information services on moving objects. Last but not least, of crucial importance is the final cost of a set of satellite communications equipment and data traffic.

The Conference participants expressed a particular interest in how media consumption will change in the context of the evolving Industry 4.0. The importance was noted of developing technology-savvy and flexible media platforms to ensure unhindered access to the content, and, similarly, increasing the role of easily producible content aggregators in shaping the modern media environment.

The conference ended with the award ceremony at which winners were presented with the SATCOMRUS Awards. Among this year’s corporate winners are the Shabolovka Technical Center, Flakom company, Start TV and Radio Company, Uplink Service, Romantis group of companies, and Internet portal. Personal awards went to Alexander Duca, director of the Dubna SCC, and Svetlana Sirotkina, General Director of Ka-Internet JSC.

Special prizes were awarded to Phillip Fomin, the 10,000th subscriber of the satellite high-speed internet access system, and Alexey Kovalev, this year’s most efficient regional dealer selling the system connection to subscribers.