At the Conference "Communications in the Russian North 2020" RSCC presents satellite communication solutions to support digitalization of the Arctic

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On September 24, 2020, an online Conference "Communications in the Russian North 2020" was held. The RSCC acted as general partner of the event

The Conference was opened by Evgeny Buidinov, RSCC Deputy Director-General for Development and Operation of Communication Systems. He spoke about the RSCC experiences of operating in the environment of self-isolation and work-from-home formats. He also shared plans for the build-up of the RSCC satellite constellation: this year two new communication and broadcasting spacecraft have been launched, Express-80 and Express-103, and they are scheduled to be commissioned in the January-February 2021 timeframe. The launch and commissioning of two more satellites, "Express-AMU3" and "Express-AMU7", is scheduled for 2021. The new satellites will serve the regions of central and eastern Russia, including the northern territories of the country.


In the plenary session, Vitaly Glavatskikh, RSCC Sales Manager for Operator and Corporate Solutions, made a presentation on "Satellite Communications for Digitalization of the Arctic". He spoke about the current projects of the RSCC in the northern regions and about the options of using satellite communications at remote sites to build a 5G ecosystem, as well as about the participation of RSCC in the "Unmanned Navigation" (BES) project. RSCC joined the project early in 2019. The BES pilot project provides for the development and testing of technologies for automatic navigation and remote control of vessels in 2020–2021.