A Conference on “Business Dialogue. Satellite Internet. Siberia” started in Krasnoyarsk on June 21, 2017

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The Conference is organized by RSCC and the Iskra Design Bureau with the participation of the Ministry of Communications of Russia, Rossvyaz, the Government of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, and ISS Reshetnev Company. The event focuses on the future prospects of satellite communication systems in Russia, innovative satellite technologies and solutions, as well as provision of modern broadband access services using Russian spacecraft over the Siberian region.

At several venues of the Conference, federal and regional officials, executives of the leading Russian satellite companies and equipment manufacturers are considering ICT projects being implemented in Russia at this time, and discussing the future of the satellite communications market and innovative solutions in the industry.

Taking part in the plenary session are Maxim Mysev, Director of the Infrastructure Projects Department of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, Alexey Kleshko, Deputy Chairman of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Legislative Assembly, Yevgeny Buydinov, RSCC Deputy Director General for Innovative Development, Andrey Romulov, General Director of Iskra Design Bureau, and Yuri Vygonsky, Deputy General Designer of ISS Reshetnev Company. Evgeny Buydinov gave a report on "Development of the RSCC orbital constellation until 2025, and prospective projects in the field of satellite communications."

Speaking at the session on "Development of wireless broadband access services in remote regions", Mikhail Glinka, Head of RSCC Department for Implementing Innovative Projects, told the audience about the progress of the high-speed access system in the Ka-band in Russia.

Day 2 (June 22) of the Conference is scheduled to be held at the Zheleznogorsk Satellite Communications Center (SCC). After the tour, a discussion will be held on the "Projects in the field of satellite communications", during which Mikhail Glinka will share the experience of RSCC’s operations in the Arctic region and plans to build a satellite system in a highly elliptical orbit. Vadim Zhukov, Deputy-Director and Chief Engineer of Zheleznogorsk SCC, will talk about the capabilities of their Satellite Communications Center to implement projects in the Siberian region.