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Broadband Russia Forum 2016 – Development of New Generation Networks in Russia opens in Moscow with RSCC in attendance

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Evgeny Buidinov, RSCC Deputy General Director for Innovative Development, caught the participants’ attention with his presentation in which he spoke about satellite-supported broadband access networks

The 6th International Conference, «Broadband Russia Forum 2016 – Development of New Generation Networks in Russia», organized by Comnews publishing group was opened by Igor Chursin, deputy head of the Federal Communications Agency. The Conference is considering topical issues of  advancing broadband access. Igor Chursin pointed out that large-scale deployment of high-speed connectivity technologies and internet access is a catalyst for ICT projects, creating manifold multiplier effect on other segments of national economy, spurring acceleration and scaling of technological progress and, in the final analysis, ensuring GDP growth in the regions and the country as a whole.


The audience which included telecom operators, equipment suppliers, and service providers listened with great interest to the presentation at the plenary session made by Evgeny Buidinov, RSCC Deputy General Director for Innovative Development. He dwelt on the subject of satellite broadband networks, stressing the role of satellite communications in the infrastructure of high-speed access to information resources on the territory of the Russian Federation. "One of the applications implemented in RSCC’s VSAT network is provision of broadband services in the Atlantic, Arctic, and Pacific Oceans. Currently, the service is available to more than 70 vessels, including expedition and research vessels, and nuclear-powered ships of the Northern Sea Route", - said Evgeny Buidinov. He specifically reported on implementing a project to provide satellite-supported broadband access in the Ka-band. "The use of Ka-band resources has for the first time made it possible in Russia to build satellite communications network capacity to access Internet with a total throughput rate many times greater than that of the existing VSAT networks, and a record-breaking length exceeding 7 thousand kilometers", said Evgeny Buidinov.