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Bonum-1 to be translated to graveyard orbit

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On 1 December 2014, RSCC proceeded with deorbiting the DBS Bonum-1 satellite to translate it to the graveyard orbit. In 2010 the satellite’s active services ended, and so did the propellant onboard.

The Bonum-1 satellite was orbited on 23 November 1998, having a predicted service life of 11.5 years. The satellite was used in the 36˚E and 56˚E orbital slots to provide direct broadcasting services in the Russian territory, including for Tricolor and NTV-Plus. In March 2014, RSCC had the Express-АТ1 satellite launched to replace the Bonum-1 and facilitate further advancement of DTH services in the country. In so doing, the orbital/frequency capacity at 56˚E has seen more than a four-fold increase, and the coverage zone has been considerably expanded.