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A bike parade held in Zheleznogorsk to mark the 50th anniversary of RSCC

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The parade was organized by the Zheleznogorsk Children's Home with the support of the Administration of Zheleznogorsk Closed Administrative – Territorial Unit (“ZATO”) and the Zheleznogorsk Space Communications Center (the Siberian branch of RSCC).

The bike ride around the city dubbed Jubilee Ring has a history of 10 years, and is organized annually by the Zheleznogorsk Children's Home (Orphanage). This time the bike parade was arranged to mark the 50th anniversary of RSCC. Along with the residents of Zheleznogorsk Children's Home who are regular participants in the event, there were new bike riders on hand, including the head of the ZATO Zheleznogorsk Vadim Medvedev, representatives of the ZATO Zheleznogorsk Council of Deputies, township-forming enterprises, various organizations and agencies of the city, the Academy of the Ministry for Emergency Situations, the sports community, as well as employees of the Zheleznogorsk SCC (Space Communications Center, an RSCC branch) - together with their children.

On the way, the participants stopped next to the Zheleznogorsk SCC, where its director Rais Muratov spoke about the company, the tasks it handles, and development plans.

To mark the forthcoming 50th anniversary of RSCC, 50 balloons were launched. At the end of the bike ride, the director of the Zheleznogorsk SCC gave presents from the Company to the orphanage residents and invited them to take part in a joint trip to the Krasnoyarsk Rock Pillars Reserve on one of the weekend days in September.