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Bentley Walker proceeds with using Express-AM8 capacity in South America

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The British company Bentley Walker has chosen RSCC’s Express-AM8 spacecraft to provide satellite communications services to customers in South America. The transition to the Express-AM8 satellite from the Eutelsat AB2 satellite, as noted in the company's press release, has made it possible to increase the download speed used for VOIP protocols like Skype and Viber.

The Express-AM8 satellite is located at 14 ° west, the westernmost point of the RSCC orbital constellation. This satellite was developed by JSC ISS Reshetnev jointly with Thales Alenia Space and orbited at the end of 2015. Bentley Walker reports that their subscription plans during the transition to the RSCC satellite have remained unchanged.

Another innovation resulting from the transition to the Express-AM8 satellite is the opportunity to offer a service in South America in DVB-S2 standard for digital TV in the Ku-band, using iDirect iQ modems.