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Based on 2014 results, RSCC rises to #11 in rankings of Top Fixed Satellite Service Operators

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According to the results of an analytical report published by the industry’s international journal, Space News, RSCC has stepped three positions up in 2014 in world rankings.

On 13 July, Space News, the industry’s international journal, published the findings of an independent study that ranked 25 world leaders among fixed satellite service operators according to their business results in 2014. RSCC now ranks 11th in the world, stepping up three positions from last year’s #14. The rating is based on the operators’ revenues in U.S. dollars.

Space News analysts note that despite the sharp rise of the dollar against most major currencies, and the ruble, in particular, RSCC has managed to demonstrate “a spectacular rebound with three new satellites in orbit after a streak of Proton rocket-related failures.” According to Space News, “fleet replacement/expansion is now on a more solid footing.”