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At NAB Show 2013, RSCC Talks with Latin American and African Satellite Operators and Service Providers

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Those visiting the RSCC exhibit were noticeably interested in the spacecraft which pave the way for the development of telecommunications networks and implementation of projects in digital TV.

From April 8-11, 2013 has attended the NAB Show in Las Vegas (USA). NAB Show is the largest US forum for broadcasting technologies. The RSCC exhibit was located in the NAB Show section that demonstrated state-of-the-art distribution and delivery technologies. The RSCC exhibit presented both active satellites and the upcoming ones, to be launched in 2013-2014.

At NAB Show 2013 RSCC held a series of business meetings with potential space capacity users from the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Agreements were reached with regional service providers and telecommunications operators to work together in order to promote the use of the Russian satellite. Increased interest on the part of Latin American telecommunications companies in using the prospective Express-АМ8 (14W, to be orbited in the first half of 2014) goes hand in hand with the sustained demand in Europe and Middle East for the current generation of satellites including Express-АМ44 (11W) and Express-АМ22 (53E). There is currently a bigger demand for the RSCC capacity as a vehicle of boosting telecommunications and broadcasting infrastructure in African countries.

Apart from promoting the RSCC constellation capacity, RSCC specialists at NAB Show 2013 took advantage of the opportunities to learn more about the new technologies and industry trends that will soon shape the configuration of the broadcasting services market. This year the organizers specifically focused on the new exhibition area called Connected Media World, designed for presentations of technologies and services that are spurring the development of ’connected’ entertainment and media solutions for the users. Represented at the forum were the companies specializing in social TV, development of user applications, cloud solutions, broadband TV and OTT. In addition to traditional stands of solution developers of content design and distribution, quite actively promoted at the NAB Show were 4К-, HEVC- and cloud technologies.

Among the major trends at NAB Show 2013, the following should be specifically stressed:

1.  4K (or Ultra HD): next generation HD TV. «Full-frame» 4K (4096 x 3112) exceeds the regular HD format by approximately 4:1 along each side of the frame.

 2.  HEVC: a new ITU-developed compression standard using more efficient compression algorithms vs. H.264/MPEG-4 AVC.

 3. Cloud solutions: exhibited at multiple stands, they showed, inter alia, how IT companies are rushing into the video entertainment market. As an example, the well-known demonstrated to specialists and visitors a single cloud environment which supports not only purchases of books, music, etc., but also OTT solutions.