At Broadband Russia Forum 2013 (27 November 2013) Igor Chursin, Rossvyaz second-in-command, tells about plans to build up satellite-assisted broadband access in Russia

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RSCC’s satellites scheduled to be commissioned in 2014 are seen instrumental in making Internet access available countrywide

Igor Chursin, Deputy-Head of Federal Communications Agency (Rossvyaz), attended the 3rd international forum, Broadband Russia Forum 2013 – Developing next-generation networks in Russia. In his contribution he paid particular attention to the steps to support and advance the civilian Russian orbital constellation that RSCC has been making under the guidance of Rossvyaz.

Mr. Chursin stressed how topical and important for Russia is broadband access and the specific role of satellite communications in its development. Launches of RSCC’s satellites scheduled for the late 2013 and throughout 2014 will go a long way towards making internet access more readily available.