АО Republican Center for Space Communications (Kazakhstan) and RSCC agree on cooperation to enhance satellite communications

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The parties agreed to share experience in spacecraft control and research, implement joint engineering projects, and carry out skill upgrade programs and joint research and practical initiatives. An appropriate memo was signed by RSCC General Director Yuri Prokhorov and AO RCSC President V.D.Lefter.

The Agreement signed in March 2014 in Astana contemplates the sharing of experience in communications and broadcasting satellite control, in scientific research and joint engineering projects, skill upgrade programs, joint research and practical implementation projects and in other areas of the parties’ activities.

RSCC General Director Yuri Prokhorov and AO RCSC V.D.Lefter signed a memo on cooperation with a term up to 2019, whereupon it may be extended.

The memo will facilitate long-term mutually advantageous cooperation between RSCC and AO RCSC in space activities, in the interests of users in the Russian Federation and Republic of Kazakhstan.