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The American non-profit organization World Teleport Association (WTA) has called the RSCC one of the fastest growing teleports in the world

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The US-based World Teleport Association has released its annual "Top Operators Rating" for 2017, based on the study of income growth and comparison of the revenues of teleports and satellite operators worldwide.

According to the analysis of the RSCC performance, WTA considers the Russian operator to be the fifth fastest growing teleport in the world. In addition, RSCC has joined the list of twenty largest global operators and service providers of satellite communications, ranking the 16th in the world rating, ahead of a number of US, Canadian and Chinese operators.

The rating is based on an analysis conducted by the non-profit organization in late 2017. In the words of WTA Executive Director Robert Bell, "Competitive pressure is rising within the sector but teleports are also increasingly competing and partnering with data centers, cloud service providers and telcos. The Top Operators of 2018 list reflects all of these changing conditions."  In May 2018, the association plans to release a report, entitled "The Leading Operators", featuring detailed results of the study, based on which the rating is compiled.