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On 7 February 2017, RSCC and ISS Reshetnev Company hold a joint session of their R&D Councils in Moscow

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The session was attended by Valery Butenko, CEO of Radio Research and Development Institute (NIIR), specialists of Rossvyaz, RSCC, United Rocket and Space Corporation (URSC), ISS Reshetnev Company and NIIR. The theme of the joint session was ‘Development prospects for Express-series of satellites’.

The session was opened by Yuri Prokhorov, Director General of RSCC, and Nikolai Testoyedov, General Director of ISS.

Addressing the participants, RSCC Director General Yuri Prokhorov said that “the Board meets in the year when RSCC celebrates its 50th birthday. Throughout the period, RSCC and ISS have been linked by ties of close and fruitful cooperation, the results of which give cause for pride. Symbolically, the R&D Boards of the two companies are meeting in a joint format for the first time. Yuri Prokhorov also said he hoped that “joint efforts of RSCC and ISS , high professional standards and scientific potential of the specialists of our companies will contribute to successful development of promising domestic systems of satellite communications and broadcasting such that Russian space hardware may advance to a new level, and the resolutions adopted on the basis of a joint discussion will give an additional impetus to the implementation of RSCC’s space programs and projects”.

Nikolai Testoyedov, General Director of ISS, said: “Our cooperation with RSCC goes back half a century. We have provided access to communication and broadcasting services not only to users in this country but all over the world: ISS as manufacturer of spacecraft, RSCC as operator.

Evgeny Buidinov, RSCC  Deputy Director General for Innovative Development, presented a report on the Concept of Federal Target Program ‘Development of the orbital constellation of civilian communication and broadcasting satellites, including those positioned in highly elliptical orbit, for the period of 2017-2025.’

The Board reviewed the proposals of ISS on the design, development and manufacture of payload modules for advanced telecommunications satellites to be used by RSCC.


The development and use of ISS-manufactured Express-1000 and Express-2000 satellite platforms for RSCC’s advanced telecommunications satellites were also discussed.

Members of the Boards confirmed their interest in further joint meetings to enhance the efficiency of their work on the development and operation of the state-owned constellation of civilian communication and broadcasting satellites operated by RSCC.

ISS General Director Nikolai Testoyedov noted that “the joint session has carefully scrutinized RSCC proposals from the point of view of what is important for users today and what may be needed tomorrow. Together with RSCC, we are shaping up the trends in the development of civilian communications satellites, which helps us to effectively and efficiently build our efforts to build space systems, complexes, and spacecraft”.