27 September 2016: for the benefit of the insurance market community, a technical presentation will be arranged on RSCC satellites

The event will highlight the general condition of the satellites to be insured and their main systems.

The Russian Satellite Communications Company hereby announces a technical presentation of the spacecraft (SC) in the RSCC’s current constellation. The event is intended for the participants of the insurance market engaged in insurance / reinsurance coverage of the spacecraft for the period of their in-orbit operation. Such participants may include both Russian insurance companies and brokers, as well as players of the international reinsurance market.

The presentation will focus on the overall condition of the spacecraft to be insured and their main systems.

The venue: The Aon Centre, 122 Leadenhall Street, London, UK, EC3V 4AN.

The date September 27, 2016. The time: from 10AM to 03PM.

To obtain registration, Russian insurance companies have until 16-Sept-2016 to send us (i) their applications stating their intention to attend the event, and (ii) a brief description of the intended insurance coverage scheme, and (ii) a list of participants, including those from the international market.

The annex also contains a draft confidentiality agreement for your review, signature and submission as part of the application to attend.



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