Structure and the management

Yuri Prokhorov

Director General

PROKHOROV, Yuri Valentinovich.

Director General, Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC). Born in 1960 in the settlement of Dedenevo, Dmitrov District, Moscow Region.

1984: graduated from the Moscow Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation (MIREA), Department of radio-technical systems, specializing in engineering, design, and manufacturing processes of radio-electronic equipment. Attended graduate school (radar and navigation).

1982 – 1993: working at TsNPO Kometa research and production association as engineer, senior engineer, head of sector, head of Laboratory of Satellite Systems for Special Purposes and Communications.

Teaching: taught antennas and microwave devices at MIREA.

1993: employed by Khrunichev Space Center as Chief of Satellite Systems department, working his way up to Khrunichev Deputy Director General for Information Technology and Communications - Director of Khrunichev Telecom.

2007: Director of department for new system projects at Intellect Telecom LLC. 

2008: Appointed RSCC 1st Deputy Director General.

2009: Acting RSCC Director General. 

2010: Appointed RSCC Director General. Supervising development and operation of modern telecommunication systems for the space industry (including at Baikonur and Plesetsk Cosmodromes), as well as the development at Khrunichev of spacecraft on-board repeaters.  Supervising the implementation of CALS-technologies in control systems (including the establishment of a single corporate enterprise management system). Supervising development and operation of the Russian segment of the Iridium global personal mobile satellite communications system.

Honored Space Test Engineer.

Full Member, International Academy of Communications.

Author of a number of articles on strategic development of satellite communications in Russia.

Member of the Government Commission on the development of broadcasting.

Member of the Government Communications Commission and the State Commission for conducting flight tests of space systems for social, economic, scientific, and commercial applications.

Awards include the medal of the Order For Service to the Motherland, II Class, Master of Communications industry award, the Order of S.P.Korolev.

2015: Winner of Russian Federation Government Prize in science and technology.  

Awarded a Diploma for winning an International Competition for Excellence in business in The Best Top-Manager-2015 nomination for his contribution to implementing an innovative project ‘A system for providing satellite communications services along the Northern Sea Route’.

Married, two sons.

Hobbies: skiing.