Structure and the management

Yuri Prokhorov
Director General Yuri Prokhorov

First Deputy Director General First Deputy Director General

Alexander Ganin
Alexander Ganin

Business Development Service Business Development Service

Ksenia Drozdova
Deputy Director General – Head of the Business Development Ksenia Drozdova

Commercial Division

Alexey Vdovin
Director of the Commercial Division Alexey Vdovin
Ludmila Mikhalina
Head of TV and International Sales Department Ludmila Mikhalina
Igor Zakusov
Head of Regional Sales Department Igor Zakusov
Sergey Cekhmistrov
Deputy Head of the TV and International Sales Department Sergey Cekhmistrov
Viktoria Sotnikova
Deputy Head of Regional Sales Department Viktoria Sotnikova

Public Relations Division

Svetlana Salnikova
Director of the Public Relations Svetlana Salnikova
Denis Sukhorukov
Head of the Public Relations Division Denis Sukhorukov
Pavel Ermilov
Head of the Protocol and Exhibitions Pavel Ermilov

Infocommunications Technologies and Multimedia Services Division

Sergey Plotnikov
Director of the Infocommunications technologies & multimedia services Division Sergey Plotnikov

Integration Services and Projects Department

Innovation Project Service Innovation Project Service

Evgeny Buidinov
Deputy Director General - Head of the Innovation Development Evgeny Buidinov

Head of Department

Yaroslav Frolov
Director of the Innocation Projects Department Yaroslav Frolov
Dmitry Persan
Head of Innovations Management Department Dmitry Persan
Anatoly Yaroslavtsev
Head of Design Department Anatoly Yaroslavtsev
Pavel Danilochkin
Head of Innovation Development Department Pavel Danilochkin

Financial and Economic Service Financial and Economic Service

Denis Pivnyuk
Deputy Director General – Chief Financial Officer Denis Pivnyuk

Head of Department

Galina Razumova
Head of Planning and Economic Department Galina Razumova
Lidia Nepomnyashchaya
Deputy Chief of the Financial & Economic service Lidia Nepomnyashchaya
Lada Silaeva
Head of Financial Department Lada Silaeva

Communications System Operation Service (CSOS) Communications System Operation Service (CSOS)

Alexander Yakovlev
Head of the CSOS Alexander Yakovlev

Deputy Chief of the CSOS

Alexey Chernov
Deputy Chief of the CSOS – Chief of Shabolovka Technical Center Alexey Chernov

The Satellite Constellation Operation, GCM and ASMM Department The Satellite Constellation Operation, GCM and ASMM Department

Evgeny Gruzintsev
The Satellite Constellation Operation, Ground Control Means and Automated System of Monitoring and Measurements Department Director Evgeny Gruzintsev

Space Program Space Program

Vladimir Zarubin
Director for Space Programs & Projects Vladimir Zarubin

Radio Frequency Service Radio Frequency Service

Iosif Povolotsky
Director for Radio Frequency Iosif Povolotsky

Chief Engineer Service Chief Engineer Service

Andrey Panichkin
Chief Engineer Andrey Panichkin

HR Service HR Service

Natalia Leontieva
Director for Human Resources Natalia Leontieva

Head of department

Oksana Demina
Head of the Personnel Department Oksana Demina

Legal Service Legal Service

Andrey Demik
Director for Legal Matters Andrey Demik

Document Support Service Document Support Service

Vladimir Morozov
Chief of the Document Support Service Vladimir Morozov

IT Service IT Service

Arthur Korol
IT-Director Arthur Korol

Investment and Purchasing Department Investment and Purchasing Department

Svetlana Zhdanova
Head of Service Svetlana Zhdanova

Сontractual Department

Marina Seregina
Head of Service Marina Seregina

Purchasing Department

Administrative Department Administrative Department

Valenin Fokin
Head of the Administrative department Valenin Fokin

Accounts Department Accounts Department

Alena Lutskaya
Chief Accountant Alena Lutskaya